Fiero una PP

Maximale Breite 770 mm
Maximale Höhe 1200 mm
Drehkreuz Durchmesser 670 mm
Sitzhöhe 490 mm
Transport Volumen 0.5 m3
Gewicht 24 kg
Verarbeitetes Leder 2 m2

Fiero office and reception chairs are of a very unique design. Characteristics of this product line are: a subtle construction, nearly minimalistic shape and also highly comfortable and ergonomic sitting. Carrier parts of the metal base are made of square or rectangle cross section Jakl profiles. They support fitted beech solid armrests. Subtlety of the back is reached by the use of steel strip as the main supporting element. Attractiveness of this model is mostly noticeable in luxury stainless finish. This design jewel is a decoration for every modern office.