Ardore siete

Maximale Breite 450 mm
Maximale Höhe 820 mm
Tiefe 50 mm
Sitzhöhe 4460 mm
Transportvolumen 0.3 m3
Gewicht 8 kg mm
Verarbeitetes Leder 1.5 m2

Ardore conference chairs product line belongs to a subtler models thanks to its dimensions. It follows the requests of our customers and reacts to an overall trend of small offices due to the expence rise of office renting. Metal base is made of tube profiles. The armrests are made of solib beech. And in the case of the model Ardore Cuatro mobile they are made of beech lamella. This model is also equipped with office wheels to make the model more mobile and comfortable to use. Ergonomical sitting is enlarged by springing fixing of the back to the metal base. This springing fixing provides comfortable nearly relaxing sitting.