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Select cuatro

Maximale Breite 560 mm
Maximale Höhe 900 mm
Tiefe 530 mm
Sitzhöhe 450 mm
Transportvolumen 0.3 m3
Gewicht 10 kg mm
Verarbeitetes Leder 2 m2

Conference chair suitable mainly into offices or commercial places. Tube base lightly moves itnto the wooden armrest made of solid beech. You can choose of a wide range of powder painting or a variant in chrome. You can choose from a wide range of upholstery materials of different price levels. Seat and back can be upholstered into different shades on customers request and also into many different types of fabrics – possibly different shades of yarn – this can enrich the double sewing on the sides of the seat and back. This chair is suitable into conference rooms and offices.